Infrastructure Security

Threats keep growing. You need to build in security that intelligently protects your infrastructure.

Only multi-layer security that predicts, detects and responds to incidents can meet today’s challenges.

We can integrate your complete solution.

Why is modern infrastructure security essential?

Security threats have advanced in number and sophistication, to the point where a data breach or service disruption is practically inevitable. The growth of the digital footprint is giving cyber criminals more opportunities to attack.

We can help you deploy modern infrastructure security with many layers, including user access, cognitive prediction and real-time detection, plus automated security responses – right across your infrastructure.

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Remote Access & Single Sign On

Simplify and reduce access friction with Single Sign On (SSO)

Having to authenticate access to each and every application daily is time-consuming and tedious.

At CAE we provide Single Sign On (SSO) authentication that provides users with access to the applications they use every day without having to rekey credentials every time.

We arm you with strong access controls for your applications to reduce your risk of a data breach and assist in your policy and compliance requirements.

The partner we chose had to be knowledgeable, utterly trustworthy and have a relentless attention to detail ... With CAE, we’ve felt entirely confident. Without their expertise, this would have been a high-risk venture."

Adrian Hollister, Head of IT and Cyber Security, ASI

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Multi Factor Authentication

Are your credentials simply not good enough?

Over 80% of hacking-related breaches come from stolen credentials or commonly used weak passwords. Adding an extra layer of authentication is one of the simplest ways to minimise this risk.

There is a huge amount of private, confidential information that is accessed by your workforce every single day - and growing. You need robust multi-factor controls that are enforced to protect all users, regardless of their role or permission.

CAE provides a multi-authentication factor that is easy for organisations to deploy across their entire user portfolio. Sometimes it’s the simplest steps that have the biggest implications.

Endpoint Security

Is your siloed endpoint security enough?

Endpoint security protects and collects data on the endpoints, while network security does the same for a network. But to effectively protect against more sophisticated threats, they need to work with together.

At CAE we integrate endpoint and network security so you can achieve increased protection across your entire infrastructure.

What are the key steps to zero trust

Verify Users - Assess each users attributes - device, user, location, patch level, who, why, when, how, where - and control their level of access will protect against malicious actors accessing the network.

Minimise Privilege - Revoke privilege where not required to limit attacker's damage. Microsegment the network and separate out services or segregating applications to minimises user access and mistakes.

Monitor and Respond - Use cognitive and automated technologies to monitor network activity and deliver effective security responses at speed.

Learn and Evolve - Improve your future response by applying mitigating controls to new evolving threats. Adapt policies to reflect best practices and historical analysis.

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VPN Security

Your Virtual Private Network (VPN) can open up your attack surface area - do you have Zero Trust?

Zero Trust architectures also extend to VPNs by collaborating with your endpoint security. Global policy remains with the user and the endpoint to ensure they are always protected. CAE can ensure your endpoint security and VPNs work in conjunction so that devices are protected regardless of location .

The answers are in your network data. Gain actionable insights and automate tasks with CAE.

Endpoint Visibility

Do you have complete visibility?

Having visibility of every endpoint on the network is vital to Zero Trust. Data can provide actionable insights into the posture of your endpoints.

It is becoming increasingly common for the workforce to use their own devices to connect to the company network. We can help you to effectively and easily control these unmanaged devices by separating the employee-owned from the company-owned equipment that access your applications.

Next Generation Firewalls

Do you have a suitable foundation on which you can build the best security posture?

We provide and support the very best next-generation firewalls which can be introduced with minimal business impact. They have been designed with simplicity in mind, but are dynamic and powerful enough to deliver automation, and integration throughout your network - immediately helping you to reduce your chances of a security breach. Deployed both at the perimeter and through the use of virtual firewalls within your network and in the cloud, a firewall is a critical part of your security infrastructure.

Automated Protection

Don’t just respond to threats automatically, learn from them at machine speed

Security automation can save you a lot of time and effort, while orchestrating a smart threat response in near real-time. But we can offer you better than that.

With CAE’s automated Security Solutions (SOAR) you can automate the response to the security alerts you receive ensuring rapid and consistent resolution. This allows you to focus your team’s attention on the critical alerts.

Incident Response

Integrate detection, investigation and remediation for a first-rate security response.

Security tools work best when they work together – whether you have a dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) or a small security team. When you can orchestrate a powerful incident response, from detection to investigation and remediation, cybersecurity is faster and more effective. More importantly, your business is safer from threats.

With CAE you can integrate industry-leading tools and deliver a security response that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Security - Our Sweet Spot.

Information security has been our sweet spot for many years. Today many organisations, both large and small, continue to mitigate cyber risks thanks to solutions and services delivered by CAE's experts. You're in safe hands with CAE when it comes to delivering security solutions.

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