Security Services

Peace of mind is knowing your security requirements is expertly handled so your staff can focus on what's important to your business.

Don’t let security tasks draw your teams away from the important stuff.

We have a range of services that will give you greater insights into your risk exposure.

It’s the simple, efficient route to greater security peace of mind.

Current Risk Level

Being targeted by a cyber threat is inevitable for businesses today. You can control your level of preparation and ability to respond if you know where your security vulnerabilities are - not just the top ones, but all of them - so you can prioritise and address them. You can then put yourself in a better position to mitigate threats and recover quickly. CAE works with industry-leading solutions to reveal verified and actionable insights into your threat exposure. We help you identify vulnerabilities, plan and implement remediation, and build an effective and adaptable security strategy to help you defend against cyber risks. Reveal weaknesses to become stronger. With our comprehensive suite of threat exposure assessment solutions, you can gain the most relevant insights.

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Cybersecurity Review

Get the deepest security insights to shut down real-world risks.

Hidden threats and vulnerabilities exist on every network. Even the strictest security policies and most up-to-date systems struggle to find them but there is another way. With CAE you can conduct the industry’s leading non-obtrusive examination of your network traffic. Our Cybersecurity Review reveals the hidden threats and applications that are making your network vulnerable.

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Web Application Testing

Protect your applications and data.

Most businesses now utilise a public or private cloud and use more web applications than ever before. Web applications are powerful and flexible – but they’re also a target for cyber criminals who want to gain access to your data. With CAE you can independently assess the security posture of your web applications, to discover vulnerabilities and minimise risk.

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Social Engineering

Assess and improve your employees’ awareness.

Controlling cybersecurity risks is not just about having resilient IT. It’s also about the awareness and skills of your employees. Today’s cyber criminals are using social engineering or psychological manipulation to trick employees into clicking malicious links and sharing confidential data. With CAE you can simulate these attacks to assess your employees’ security awareness, develop skills and reduce risk.

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Red Teams

Get the deepest security insights to shut down real-world risks.

A Red Team simulation is as close as you can get to knowing how your organisation would cope with a real cyber attack – because essentially, it is a real cyber attack without the data theft or downtime. CAE's Red Team simulations are far more rigorous and revealing than simple security systems tests. We measure the capability of not just your technology, but your people and processes too. You can test every facet of your security with simulations that deliver complex attacks over a period of weeks and months.

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People, Approach & Outcomes

It’s our people, approach and outcomes that distinguish us from others. We strive to build long term relationships and dedicate the time to understand your requirements. Our people – our experts – combine their market knowledge with insights into your specific needs to help you adopt the most relevant technology for your business and achieve your desired outcomes.

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